Thursday, December 13, 2012


I need everyones help for this one. It’s not urgent, but the all caps most likely got your attention I hope. :)
With finals coming to an end soon (THANK GOD) and having some time to do some creative things, I was thinking I would work on Jude’s Information book. The idea behind this Information book is to provide information about Victor and I and our families for Jude. Things like what were like, our family trees, why we gave him up for adoption, and maybe a letter to him for the future. I want him to have this so that if he wants to know about us, but doesn’t want to meet us yet, then he will have something to look at to know us with out meeting us. 
The problem: I don’t know what to put in it other than the ideas I suggested above. :/ This is where you lovely people come in. Can you give me ideas and suggestions as to what to put into this book?
What would you want your birth children to know about you? What do you think they want to know about you? What messages, pictures, thoughts, and any thing else you can think of would you want them to know/see?
What things would you want your adopted children to know about their birth parents? What do you want to know about your child’s birth parents? Are their stories, messages, pictures, or thoughts you would want your child to know about their birth parents?
What kind of things do you want to know about your birth parents? Would you want a letter from them? Pictures? Stories? Would you want a family tree of your biological family? What would you want them to say to you about anything?
If you had the chance to ask your parents anything, what would you ask them? Is there anything you would want to know about your parents? What would you want your parents to tell you?
I will take any suggestions, ideas, questions from anyone, you don’t have to be following me to answer these questions. Like I said, its not urgent, but once school starts up again in January, I wont have much time again. So, please help?


  1. I know my son asks why he was placed for adoption. He also asks about what things his birth parents like, where his birth parents were born, their ancestry, what they like to do, what their favorite things are. We also asked his birth-grandmother about teeth, because a lot of one's dental problems can be genetic, which most people don't seem to know.

  2. Great post! I can relate a lot to your posts throughout this blog. Thanks for sharing!