Friday, May 11, 2012

Birth Mother's Day 2012

Tomorrow is my second birth mothers day ever and I couldn’t be more excited. I feel like Birth Mother’s day is really my day to celebrate the adoption. To celebrate the good choices I made and to be seen as some kind of mom. Mother’s day is not for me. Giving birth to a child doesn’t make some one a mother, its so much more than that. 
I really wanted to do something big for Birth Mothers day this year, but I sold my soul to school this quarter and am taking a 7 hour class on saturdays. Not only that, but I need to work after school. While the actually physical celebration wont take place that day, I will hold my head up high that day and be proud of who I am. I might celebrate in my own way. My job after school is house sitting for a nice couple with a dog, so maybe I will paint or draw.
So, to all my other birth moms out there, though it is early, Happy Birth Mother’s Day. You are all wonderful and unselfish women. Your birth children and adoptive parents are privileged and should be honored to have a part of you in their lives. 


  1. As an adult adoptee I surely have never felt privileged to have been surrendered.

  2. Very well written. Thank you for celebrating this day. As an adoptive mom, thank you!, hope you are truly blessed today.