Sunday, November 1, 2015

I guess Im back

Hi everyone, its been a while. I'm sorry I left, some times life just gets away with you. In a bit I'll do an over view of whats been going on in my life since 2013, but for now I thought I would just start back up.

I saw this from another post on here and I want to do it. My adoption story has plateaued due to a couple different reasons. While its no longer a huge part of my life, its still apart of my life. Not only that, I imagine during national adoption month people will be hearing a lot from adoptive parents and adopted children, but not so much about birth parents. I think that its important that birth parents share their side of the story as well, whether it was a good story or a bad one. The first post will come later tonight!

1 comment:

  1. I^ve checked back so many times and was bummed out when i realized you stoped posting.
    Just checked again now, got all excited because there was a new post, but realized that, this post too, was already quite a few months old.
    Anyways, I always loved reading your posts and hope all is well with you.