Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Characters

Totally realized that if people are going to read this, they should probably know who everyone is. So here's a list of all of the major roles in my life. (Remember though that the names I am giving are not their real names, as so stated in my first post.)

  • Jude - My son, he was born in October 2010 and happily lives with his parents in So. Cal. He is my pride and joy and I love him to death.
  • Katie - Jude's (adoptive) Mom; she's a lot like me, funny, nice, and honest. She is always really happy and chipper. I will always refer to her as Jude's mom, because that is what she is.
  • Greg - Jude's (adoptive) Dad; super funny and mega chill kind-of guy. He's a photographer so I get awesome pictures of Jude. I will always refer to him as Jude's dad, because that is what he is.
  • Victor - My ex, best friend, and Jude's biological father; a really intelligent, nerdy, sarcastically funny/mean guy. Very few people get to know him, but when you do he can surprise you. Victor has Aspergers, its a mild form of autism. It's not severe, but it does make certain social situations hard for him to understand.
  • Sarah - My sister; two words- Social Butterfly. She knows everybody and everybody knows her. In high school, I was called "Sarah's older sister" it was never the other way around. She was the first family member that I told I was pregnant. As you will learn later, this whole experience was not easy for her, and I am so grateful for her.
  • Beth - My mom; I will never call my mom by her name, I will always refer to her as mom. My biggest support system next to Victor. I am so grateful for everything she has done for me over the last year.
  • Malcolm - My stepdad; A very intense guy. A man's man, loves to yell. At sport games, at the TV, and at us. Generally though, he's a decent, upstanding guy.
  • Andrew - My dad, I will always refer to him as my dad or daddy (I'm not a daddy's girl, I just like calling him that). He's laid back and some what of a push over, but he tries to do the best he can.
  • Amber - My stepmom; a very opinion woman. She likes things done her way or its the high way. She's also from japan, so there is a bit of a culture difference, but she's an amazing cook and always makes sure everything is fair.
  • Brenna and Danny - My half brother and sister, Brenna is 12 and going threw her awkward phase and Danny is 9 and the devil. I love them both to death and don't see them very often. By the choice of my dad and Amber, they don't know that I was pregnant and had a baby. However, the rest of my dad's side of the family knows including my younger cousins. I personally think that its stupid my dad and Amber try to keep it secret from as many people as they can, but whatever.
Any one else that is mentioned in my post I'll just tell you in the post.

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